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Entry Level - Ground Floor (1)

The Main Entrance and Parking Garages all lead to the Entry Level of the Convention Center, we call this the ground floor. 

This is where you will start you North East Open Experience!

The Ground Floor is the Home to:
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Competitor Check-In (aka Registration)

1. Your First Stop

This is where pre-registered competitors check in and receive their paperwork.

  • Upon arrival, please stop at the Registration/Competitor Check-In area first. The friendly staff will ask you for the Competitors Name.

    You will receive an envelope with the competior tag inside it. The competitor tag is very important as it will list ALL of your divisions.

  • It is important to double check your check after you leave the Registration Area and look for any missing or mistaken items. If you find an issue you should visit the Add/Changes Booth. 

    You will receive a Program Book here with lots of important information about the day!

  • If you have any outstanding balance or owed money, the staff at the registration table will be aware of it and kindly ask you to make payment there via Cash or Check. No Credit Cards acepted.




Spectators (aka Admission)

2. Your Second Stop

After Checking In at the Registration table, all competitors and their family/friends should next stop at the Admission table. 

Adds & Changes

3. Your Third Stop

If you find any discrepencies with your Competitor Tag, you can come here to have them fixed! Wrong Age? Wrong Division? Missing a Division?

Adds/Changes is open in the morning from 7:30am when the doors open until 10:00am. 

For that period of time, if you need to make any changes to your Registration, this is the place to do it, please do not ask the Registration/Competitor Check-In area to make changes as that is not their role.

Want to Add an Event? No Problem! Do it here at Adds/Changes (fee will be due).

Did we get some of your info Wrong? Age? Rank? and Event? No problem, we will fix it here!

Did you accidently register for the wrong event? No Problem! We can fix it here and put you in the correct event!

If you miss the 10:00am deadline for Adds/Changes, please visit the Customer Service table for further needs.



Breaking Material Pick-Up

4. Your Fourth Stop

This is where you pick up your boards that you pre-ordered, or purchase additional boards.

Customer Service

5. Your Fifth Stop (if necessary)

After 10:00 AM this is where you go for Adds/Changes.

Customer service is where you go to have your general questions answered. 

Sorry, Customer Service will not be able to tell you when any division is going to run.


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