We know it has been a while since we provided an update, we apologize about that, however, unfortunately with the ups and downs of the pandemic, there really has not been any opportunity to make any decision and provide any update.

Now that we are entering 2021, and a very different changed world, we want to start looking at how we may be able to resume the NEO this year. The pandemic has brought us many challenges and many opportunities.  We have seen the rise in virtual events out of necessity, and they have shown their benefit. We still have a love for our live event and are hoping with the introduction of the vaccination this year, that we can hold the NEO this year in a modified “in-person” format.

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VLOGs are Listed from Newest to Oldest


2018 - Episode 2: Deadlines are Coming!
Released: 6/17/18

2018 - Episode 1: Year of the Ninja
Released: 6/1/18

strong>2017 VLOG Episodes - Information Still Relvant!

Episode 4: Where are you Staying?
Released: 7/20/17

Episode 3: Meaning of the 2017 Logo & Memorabilia
Released: 6/26/17

Episode 2: June Deadlines
Released: 6/18/17

Episode 1: What's New for 2017
Released: 6/10/17

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