After spending a lot of time working with the Capital Center, and the local school owners, to best understand what our options are and what the local martial arts community's thoughts are on having this years event, our conclusion, very sadly, is that an in person event like we are used to, just is not feasible this year due to Covid19. We are all very disappointed.

That being said, we are trying to make the most of the situation, and we all know that we cannot go a full year without seeing all of our NEO friends and family. So the NEO Planning Committee is working very hard on a virtual concept that will combine both virtual competition as well as opportunities to connect and showcase with our NEO family.

Please hold the original date of Saturday August 8th - and read more informationbelow about how we will be celebrating NEO on that day!

2020 Virtual North East Open Plan

The 2020 NEO will take place on Saturday August 8th starting at 8am, LIVE on both Youtube & Facebook!

This year's Virtual NEO will be a celebration of our rich 14 year history! Focusing on the many great memories and relationships that have been created! The full day showcase will include; historical footage, YOUR submitted videos, Black Belt Forms & Weapons competition, USBA/WBA Online Competition Highlights, guest Master speakers & more!!!

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Submit your 2020 Virtual North East Open Video

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The North East Open is proud to offer the annual North East Open Competitor Scholarship since 2011. Each year a panel of local Masters and School Owners will select one aspiring martial arts competitor from the North East Open community to be awarded a $1,000 Martial Arts Scholarship.


Who Is Eligible?

Any martial arts competitor age 25 and under, who had previous competed at the north east open is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

How Does the Scholarship Work? What Can it be used for?

The money will be held in an account by a custodian. The winner of the scholarship may use the money for any expense related to Martial Arts Competition. This may include, competition entry fees, travel expenses, uniforms/gear/weapons, seminars & workshops, etc. It will be the responsibility of the custodian to evaluate each request for validity against the intentions of the scholarship. In order to use the funds of the scholarship, the recipient will just need to contact the custodian with the request and provide information as to the activity, event, or need. The custodian will make payment directly to the event, vendor, etc. thus insuring properly intended use of the funds. Any funds not used within 1 year of receipt will be forfeited and added to the following year’s fund.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for the Scholarship, fill out the application available here on the website below. Be sure to return by July 1st. Be sure to fill out all questions on the application, include your essay as well as any recommendations as outlined on the application.

What criteria is the recipient selected on?

The applications are reviewed by a committee made up of many local martial arts school owners and masters who are long time supports of the North East Open, and who understand the goals an vision of the North East Open in providing opportunities for the local Martial Arts Community. The following factors are all considered when the applications are reviewed; how much does this individual need this scholarship, what is this individuals plan to use the scholarship for, who appears to have the most to gain from an opportunity like this scholarship. Both the questions on the application the applicants essay and letters of recommendation are all used to determine these factors.

Where does the fund come from?

The North East Open is very lucky to have an amazing support group within the local martial arts community who see the value of the North East Opens mission to add to the quality of martial arts in the Capital Region and whom were generous enough to donate to such a worthy cause. The full sum of the scholarship comes from the generosity of local martial art schools and masters who want to contribute to further growth of the individual martial artist in this area who are destined for greatness!

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