Expect to Spend the Full Day at the Event

The North East Open is designed and intended to be a full day event. Competitors can expect the divisions and events to be running all day long consistently with no dead time or breaks. Events and divisions are spread out throughout the day to allow competitors competing in multiple divisions time to rest between divisions and refocus, without a rush or worry of missing an event.
This being said, with the 2017 Venue change and the New much Larger Venue, the Albany Capital Center, we will be running additional rings and anticipate a MUCH shorter day than in the Past!

Expect a Friendly, Encouraging, Competition Experience

While we are sure to maintain consistent judging and upholding of the rules, the premise of the North East Open is to be a Friendly Tournament that is especially good for timid newcomers and beginning level competitors. We understand that novice competitors may be nervous, so you can expect our Coordinators and Judges to be encouraging, instructional and helpful to the competitors, rather than stone faced and cut throat.

Expect a Fair & Consistent Event designed for Beginner through Veteran Competitors

The North East Open's goal is to strive to provide the best competition experience for any and all competitors. To that end, please do not expect a National Level or Qualifier Style competition. The highest quality of fairness and conformant to the rules will be held at all times. But please allow for moderate amount of flexibility as we attempt to create a welcoming and nurturing environment that accommodates all competitors. The competition will run with the philosophy that all Martial Arts are One Family.

Ring Size at the event will be approximately COMING SOON

Pre-Order Boards for Breaking Divisions
Competitors are allowed to bring their own boards for the Creative Multi-Directional Wood and Creative Open Divisions. Competitors wishing to purchase their breaking materials onsite should fill out the Breaking Material Request Form included with the Registration Packet. There will be limited quantities of extra boards available, so please pre-order. Competitors competing in any "power" division are required to purchase their breaking materials from our supply committee. Only stamped approved boards will be allowed in these divisions.

Bring Cash

      Admission to the event for parents and spectators will be $10 per person and only cash is accepted. In addition we will have a multitude of great vendors offering various martial art, health and fitness related products available for sale the day of the event; including great memorabilia like tee shirts and customized trophy plates. There will be Cash sale food provded by the Venue. We also offer 50/50 drawings and Raffle Prizes!


Mazzone Hospitality will offer Cash Sale food and snacks throughout the day. The menu will include many diverse & heathy entrees and snacks. NO outside food or drink will be allowed in the Spectator Area. 


Awards to Expect

     As a competitive event, divisions over the age of 8 years old will be awarded trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place.  All competitors in the 7 year old and younger division will receive trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place and finalist awards.

Our Expectations of the Spectators

     Like other family oriented sporting events, we ask the spectators to maintain a high level of decorum and sportsmanship. Please see the Spectator Rules in the Program Book the day of the event.


        The NEO utilizes a unique tournament  organizational  strategy to improve efficiency and the competitors experience. Rather then having competitors sit and wait around rings all day, prior to the start of a divisions, competitors are called to a special area called the "Staging Area". In the staging room, attendance will be taken for the division, and competitors will have an opportunity to warm up, knowing they are "on deck" or competing soon. Once the ring is available and all competitors are accounted for, the group will be brought to the assigned ring where they will be ready to compete without stopping the momentum of the ring.

Changing Areas

      Please be aware that the event venue is a Convention Center, not a gymnasium, so there are no changing rooms or locker rooms. There are very nice and clean bathrooms available adjacent to the competition room available for competitors to change in.

Required Sparring Gear


Registration Confirmation

We offer E-mail confirmation that your registration has been received. E-mails will be sent at the conclusion of every week. Please be sure to legibly include your email address on your application. For those who do not have email, we will be offering Phone Call confirmation when requested. Please check the appropriate box on the bottom of your registration application. If you do not receive your email/phone confirmation within two weeks after sending in your application, please contact us immediately at (518) 458-1011.

Online Live Updates - COMING SOON

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