The North East Open is back for 2021! We are very excited to bring back in-person competition safely!

Save the Date - August 14th 2021

Please expect the same amazing camradrie and organization. However please be understanding and patient as this year's event will still be different than you are used to, due to the pandemic. We are working hard to create and event that will meet and exceed the competitors needs right now after a long tough year without competitions. 

Please be sure to read all of our documentation for this year's event carefully and thoroughly to ensure you know what to expect this year! 


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The 2020 NEO will take place on Saturday August 8th starting at 8am, LIVE on both Youtube & Facebook! This year's Virtual NEO will be a celebration of our rich 14 year history! Focusing on the many great memories and relationships that have been created! The full day showcase will include; historical footage, YOUR submitted videos, Black Belt Forms & Weapons competition, USBA/WBA Online Competition Highlights, guest Master speakers & more!!!

Here is how Competitors and Schools can get involved:

Black Belt Competitors (Age 13 & up)

  • Submit a video of your Form/Kata and/or Weapon Form/Kata to be included in our virtual competition, which will be judged by live judges reviewing the video submissions live on the day of the event.
  • Submissions will be put in our standard age categories, Judges along with our live stream spectators will watch all competitors and judges will display their scores for each competitor per normal NEO rules and process.
  • Winners will be named, there is no physical prize for this event.


  • Submit video of a Creative Breaking Routine.
  • We will include your footage in our day long showcase.
  • This will not be a competition.
  • Power Breakers may choose to compete in the USBA/WBA August Virtual Breaking Event prior to the NEO Showcase day, and highlights from the competitions will be included in the day long showcase.

School Owners/Coaches

  • Looking for a way to bring some of your students back together with a mission or a cause during this crazy time?
  • Put together a short demo or performance, record it and submit it for inclusion in the day long showcase.
  • If we have enough entries to justify it, we will judge it and name a winner! Feel free to use Camera magic and production value!

Other Competitors (Any Age/Rank)

  • If you do not fit into one of the above categories, we still WANT to include you!!
  • Send us a video of you performing any of our standard division categories (Form/Weapons, Traditional/Creative, Self-Defense, Sparring, Team Forms, etc) and we will include it in our day long showcase.


  • There is a lot of amazing aspects of Traditional Martial Arts that we are not able to include in competition events during an in-person NEO.
  • Virtual NEO allows us to showcase and share ALL aspects of martial arts and this will be the most fun part!
  • Send u your videos of your special martial arts skill that you cannot showcase in our standard events!
  • For example: Sword Cutting, Ninjas star/Knife Throwing, Lion Dance, Unconventional Breaks, Stick Fighting, Combat Weapons routines, Martial Arts/Origin Country cultural dance/ceremony, Tricking/Extreme Martial Arts, Surprise Us!!!!
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