We know it has been a while since we provided an update, we apologize about that, however, unfortunately with the ups and downs of the pandemic, there really has not been any opportunity to make any decision and provide any update.

Now that we are entering 2021, and a very different changed world, we want to start looking at how we may be able to resume the NEO this year. The pandemic has brought us many challenges and many opportunities.  We have seen the rise in virtual events out of necessity, and they have shown their benefit. We still have a love for our live event and are hoping with the introduction of the vaccination this year, that we can hold the NEO this year in a modified “in-person” format.

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New for 2018!

  • Friday Night Show
  • More info coming soon!

What's was New in 2017

  • New Venue - More Rings - Shorter Day
  • After ten great years and stupendous growth thanks to your support, we are very excited to be moving the NEO to a brand new, much larger home! The just opened Albany Capital Center will offer the NEO a 3x larger competition space, allowing us to run more rings, more competitors simultaneously, and ultimately deliver a SHORTER DAY for everyone! Not to mention the new building is beautiful and state of the art!
  • Larger Rings
  • With the larger space will come both larger competition rings and a larger stage!
  • New Website
  • With the new venue, new decade also comes a brand new updated website. Please check out www.NorthEastOpen.com for all of the information you need for this years events, plus lots of great historical information about the event and previous champions!
  • New Breaking Team Event
  • The NEO will be the first competition to offer the USBA/WBA’s brand new event, Team Creative Multi-Directional Breaking. Allowing a pair of competitors to perform a breaking routine together and compete against other duos. Check out the rules for more info!
  • Demonstration Team Competition
  • Due to the new venue and larger stage size, the Demo Teams may now consist of up to 20 team members/performers.
  • Demo Segment is Back!
  • Those of you who attended the North East Open years ago will remember we used to have a very special segment that started as a Mid-Day Demonstration Break and evolved into a Night Show. The purpose of this great part of the NEO was to showcase styles and aspects of traditional martial arts that couldn't otherwise be featured in competition, as well as feature very special Masters and Grandmasters. This segment unfortunately disappeared a few years ago due to time constraints. With the new venue, and much shorter expected competition day, we are very excited to bring back the Demonstrations to the NEO!
  • Mazzone Hospitality Food
  • With the new venue brings new opportunities for our attendees. The Albany Capital Center is served exclusively by Mazzone Hospitality, which means that we will have much more and better quality food available on site for our competitors and spectators throughout the day.
  • Pre-Taping Power Wood Board Divisions
  • This is actually not new this year, but started last year, but we want to make sure everyone knows. All competitors competing in Power Board Breaking, are now, per USBA/WBA rules required to pre-stack your boards before your event starts. This helps make the division and competition go a lost faster and will also help us create the shorter day we are striving for. Carpenter Pencils and Masking tape will be available when you pick up your boards, however, you are also allowed to bring your own carpenter pencils and masking tape as long as the Carpenter pencils are standard.

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